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We are the main provider of vision and eye care.
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As a main provider of vision and eye care, Fun Optometrist duty is to take good care of our customers’ eyes. Thus, more than just eye prescription test, we provide a series of thorough eye test which include eye’s function and health tests.

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Binocular Test

Testing for how well the two eyes work together and screen for squints and binocular vision anomalies

Slit Lamp

To screen for the health of the front part of the eye for contact lens infection, dryness injuries etc.

Fundus Camera

To capture photo of the back of the eye(retina), to check for retinarelated diseases

We are among the few optical shop in Ipoh area with qualify optometrist in service.
Our Service

Our philosophy at Fun Optometrist is to provide professional eye care services to our customers and to commit to their long term eye health with our professional optometrist. Thus, more than just eye prescription test, we routinely provide a series of thorough eye tests which include eye’s function and health tests.

Early detection on any eye problems and accurate eye power will allow more effective management and treatment, so that you and your family are able to enjoy good vision. Hence, annually comprehensive eye test at Fun Optometrist is the most certain way to maintain good vision and healthy eyes for you and your family.

– Slit Lamp Examination – to examine front part of the eye on infections, dryness or swelling.
– Soft contact lenses fitting
– Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses fitting

– Vision Testing
– Refraction
– Colour Vision Test
– Binocular Vision Test

About Us

Fun Optometrist Aims Is To Provide its Clients And Friends A Brand New Experience in Eye Care

In Fun Optometrist, our optometrist are fully committed to you and your family’s eye and visual health. We provide comprehensive eye test, specialty eye care services, and eyewear products in an atmosphere of uncompromised service, value and friendliness.

About Founder
Yin Wai Lik

Yin graduated as an optometrist from University Kebangssaan Malaysia (UKM) since 2008. He accumulated his experience in a few established optometry centres, helping thousands of people enjoy life with healthy, clear, comfortable vision. He has good experience in fitting RGP to help children in control their short-sightedness.

Yin feel satisfy in work by seeing people he helped smile happily and feel satisfied with the vision solution customised towards their lifestyle. He also believes that eyewear can improve a person’s image.

He enjoys travelling, scuba diving and spending precious moment with friends and families.

A member of
Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO).
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